Business Plan 

The key to your business success is sound planning.

As part of your application process you will need to produce a business plan for the pub business you have identified. To help you in this planning process we have produced a template which we call the Business Blueprint.

This will guide you through a structured process and help you produce a working document detailing your marketing, development and financial plans for your Enterprise pub business.

You MUST have your business plan signed off by a independent licensed trade accountant so we can all be comfortable with your financial predictions. We will pay you £250 towards the provision of this advice once you complete your agreement.

Remember that any business plan is a working document, subject to constant review and amendment over time. It will be reviewed periodically with your accountant as well as your regional manager, and used to track your business success and help you develop strategies for further success.

Download your Business Blueprint Template

Business Plan

Business Plan

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