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Beer Duty Petition 

At the time of print, the online petition that is currently active to stop the beer duty escalator has attracted 63,536 signatures, just over 63% of the total required to reach the 100,000 signature target.  In order to trigger a debate in Parliament on excessive beer tax, the petition needs to have reached this target by the end of the summer. 

It has been revealed that Britons pay the highest beer tax of all the 16 qualifying European countries in the recent Euro 2012 tournament.  Currently there stands a British beer tax of 55p per pint.  That's a massive 51p more than the country paying the least (Ukraine at 4p per pint).

Introduced by the last Government in 2008, the beer duty escalator is currently in place until 2014/15.  This means that beer duty will automatically increase by 2% above inflation every single year.  As a result, tax on beer has gone up by over 40% since 2008.  These tax rises place a huge burden on the pub industry, particularly during a slow and unstable economy.

We thank those of you who have already signed the petition, but still more signatures are required to get recognition in Parliament.  It only takes a minute to sign the petition; please spread the word to save the future of the Great British pub.

The petition currently has the full backing of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), as well as leading industry body the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA).