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Royal Oak, Appleby wins at GBPA 

Publicans Kyle McCrae and Jan Hunter of the Royal Oak, Appleby, Westmorland have been announced as winners of the Best Tenanted / Leased Pub category at the prestigious Great British Pub Awards.

Speaking to empower, Kyle explains the reasons behind the pub's success. "We've run off no overdrafts and have no borrowings. We've used the profits that we've made and re-invested in a 25 year plan (because it's a 25 year lease that we have with Enterprise), with a view to recuperate the profits over the next ten years," says Kyle.

"We've moved out so we have no personal accommodation. We've utilised the whole building for letting rooms, investing approximately £10,000 per letting room. We now have ten letting rooms and the cottage. This generates significant income, which helps support the pub and restaurant."